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In the field of metal molding, machining , surface treatment, Haibo machinery is with rich experience and technical advantage Concerning metal parts molding, we have a great number of molding machine, die-casting machine, forging machine, stamping machines and professional at each process. As to metal parts machining, we have machining center, CNC lathes, precise instruments, EDM, with combination of traditional sawing, turning, grinding and milling etc. it allows much more efficient to produce metal parts, which brings us stronger competition .In the field of surface treatment, We satisfy our customers with a lot of sophisticated processes such as high and low temperature heat treatment, carburizing, nitriding, molten salt dip plating (TD), solid solution heat treatment etc. even include more surface decoration process, like electroplating, electrophoresis, oxidation, paint spraying, plastic spraying etc. Haibo machinery has many high technology  achieve project , Magnesium alloy project was rated as a national innovation fund project.